Help Support Local Werewolves & Fund Werewolf Short Film “Having a Drink”

Director Randy Smith wants to shoot a 20-minute short film called “Having a Drink”, based on a John Graham short story called Oges, and he’s using IndieGoGo to raise the (relatively trivial) $5,500 budget. I intend to help out, and I encourage you to consider it as well. My decision to contribute was based on the artwork alone (I’m a sucker for vector art, and come on, a werewolf’s hand holding a highball glass? Badass!), but the pitch video might help seal the deal. Observe:

So. Practical effects. At least two werewolves.  A sense of humour. Some pretty terrific perks for contributing (including editorial input on the film itself). Have a look at the campaign page for Having a Drink and help out if you can!