The C Wolf: The Vices of Power

More comics, this time from Chile! The C Wolf is a “vigilante anti-hero” comic with a stark, black and white illustration style that reminds me of Frank Miller or Mike Mignola. The werewolf design is very reminiscent of Rick Baker’s “Wolfman”, which I think works quite nicely with the art. There’s a lot of violence foreshadowed, so if the Miller influence persists we’ll probably see a lot of red mixed in with the black and white. What I’m trying to say is that The C Wolf looks real good, like a good comic should. Writer / artist Carlos Henríquez introduces his creation thusly:

C Wolf is the story of a werewolf who seeks to clean their of corruption and organized crime. Several politicians and mafiosi will go their way, but their power may hide supernatural secrets that only a creature of nightmares such as the C Wolf can fight.

The foreword and first chapter of “The Vices of Power” were released in Spanish, but the foreword has already been translated into English for the convenience of uncultured mono-language types like me. I’m also working my way through the first chapter with Google Translate, which is imperfect but sufficient to let me know that the werewolf is saying something totally bad-ass in the panel to the right.

You can follow the development of The C Wolf at the Paper Brain Comics blog.