“Underworld” Box Set will contain “Animatrix”-style animated short films

It’s been nearly two weeks since San Diego Comic Con and interesting little nuggets of info are still sifting into my inbox. Reader PedestrianWolf wrote to let me (and therefore all of you) know that the upcoming “Underworld” Blu-ray box set (did you know they were making one? Me neither!) will include an Animatrix-style bonus: animated shorts set in the Underworld universe. Underworld / Underworld: Evolution director Len Wiseman was quoted by Bleeding Cool as telling Comic Con panel attendees that the shorts will be “an evolution of these characters in timelines we haven’t seen.”

Which animation studios would you like to see take on the Underworld universe? My first vote is for Studio B Productions. C’mon, you know it would be awesome.

via Bleeding Cool