A New Blog by an Old Werewolf, or The Search for Lysandra

I was recently given a link to a new blog called Andronica’s Wolfish Thoughts. The link arrived in an email from Andronica herself, surname Llewellyn, although after reading the blog I suspect her writing might be found under a few other names as well – some of them from antiquity. I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes reading the blog, from oldest post to newest (there are only four at the moment), and I’m honestly flummoxed. The best I can do, I think, is give you the “facts” as presented in her writing.

  • Andronica is a three-thousand-year-old female werewolf who has had a number of incarnations and encounters over the years, many of them as or involving significant figures from history.
  • She is the current leader of the Sisterhood of the Wolf, the social order under which all female werewolves are united with the goal of preserving the “natural balance” of the world.
  • That balance is under constant threat from the Apostates, the violent, ruthless, all-male order of werewolves who serve the Egyptian god Set. They are responsible for most of the world’s wars (battlefields make wonderful banquets).
  • Andronica has started blogging in order to increase her profile, making it easier for her to locate (or be located by) her protégé and companion Lysandra, who disappeared during the firebombing of Dresden in 1945.
  • Andronica loves The L Word and is the fucking bomb at playing the harpsichord.

In all seriousness, I have no idea who’s writing this blog or where it’s going, but it’s well-researched, well-written (especially the latest post, A Roman Werewolf at Maria Theresia’s Court) and the writer is doing some serious world-building. Take some time to read it through, check out her equally well-crafted Facebook page and follow her on Twitter (if that’s your thing [and it should be]) at @LadyAndronica.