MTV’s Teen Wolf “Transformation” trailer is less exciting than a single frame from an earlier trailer

MTV has released “Watch The Transformation“, another teaser trailer for their upcoming Teen Wolf series. A more accurate title might be “Watch A Slow Reverse Dolly As A Bare-Chested Tyler Posey Loses His Sideburns”. This is a transformation from werewolf form back to human, but either we join our hero when he’s already 90% done with the change or this is the most minimalist werewolf design since Jack Nicholson in “Wolf”. Judge for yourself. [Note: using a YouTube embed for this because WordPress is choking on the MTV embed code]

I understand that there are a number of different werewolf “types” in this show, some of them more monstrous than others (presumably the “villains”). I’m hoping we get to see more of these rumoured beasties before the June 5th debut. At the moment, I’ve only seen a single frame of footage from all of the trailers and teasers that interests me, and that’s from the official trailer that came out last month.

That’s right. A hand. A big clawed hand. All my hopes and dreams for this show hang from you, scary hand. Please take good care of them.