Joe Dante Brings Werewolf & Vampire Teen Romance “Monster Love” To Party, Also Brings PS2 & Vanilla Coke

Shock Till You Drop brings us the discouraging news that The Howling director Joe Dante is trapped in 2003: he’s starting preproduction for Monster Love, a horror-comedy film that chronicles a forbidden romance between “a werewolf and a vampire [who] fall in love, igniting a war between their respective communities. It’s ROMEO AND JULIET with fangs”. Experiencing déjà vu? Hang on, it’s about to get worse. Here’s a bit of the synopsis:

After PETE, a young dogwalker, gets dumped by his girlfriend, his slacker buddies convince him to run naked through the city park. As the moon rises, the boys laugh, howl, and transform… Later, a distraught young woman named MAGGIE is contemplating suicide when she’s surprised by an enormous wolf. She snarls, baring her vampire fangs. The wolf grins and barks: Let’s play!

This has got to be a mistake or a joke, right? Werewolf-vampire romance is not interesting anymore, if it ever was. Underworld made it (sort of) sexy, Twilight killed it and Jason FriedbergAaron Seltzer defiled the corpse with Vampires Suck. I just can’t imagine how Monster Love is going to do anything new with this paper-thin concept.