“Feeding Ground” #3 Preview & Werewolf Pinups

If you’ve been reading Archaia Comics’ Feeding Ground series, stop what you’re doing and go pick up issue #3 from your local comics store, because it went on sale today. If you’re chained to a desk and you can’t leap into your car or a bus right this instant, soothe your urges with this eight-page preview (in English or Spanish!) which includes a healthy dose of werewolf transformation and bloody mayhem.

Feeding Ground artist and co-creator Michael Lapinski emailed me with some additional info. He describes the latest issue as one in which

…our myth kicks into gear and we learn much more about this particular interpretation of the werewolf.  You’ll notice that their physiology ranges from more canine to more primate with new candidates retaining their individual characteristics.

I’m really happy with how Michael designed these werewolves- the aesthetic is right up my alley. It’ll be interesting to see the range of physiologies through the next three issues. Michael was also kind enough to send some (exclusive!?) artwork: a page from issue #4, and two images that represent “the first of many werewolf pin-ups we’ll be including in the back of each issue.” The pin-ups are by artists Tom Forget and Juan Doe, respectively.

If you haven’t been reading Feeding Ground, what is wrong with you? Hie thee to one of these online comic stores and pick up issues 1 and 2.