“High Moon” Turns Three

Three years ago this month, Zuda Comics launched a web-based graphic novel called “High Moon”, written by David Gallaher and drawn by Steve Ellis. It blended werewolves, arcane horror and the Old West in way that was fascinating to read and beautiful to look at. High Moon went on to win a contract with DC Comics after only two months, and in 2009 it won a Harvey Award for Best Online Work. Zuda Comics is now gone, but High Moon lives on at comiXology, where you can read the first issue for free, and the rest are available for purchase at a whopping 99 cents each. You can also purchase Volume 1 as a trade paperback from any decent comic shop or from Amazon. Whatever you do, however you do it, check it out– aside from being one hell of a read, it’s proof (in my opinion) that the Internet is fertile ground in which truly excellent comics can take root and thrive.