Tim Seeley’s New Comic “Wild Game”, Where Werewolves Eat the Homeless

Bloody Disgusting has got the scoop on “Hack/Slash” creator Tim Seeley’s new comic franchise (and soon to be film), “Wild Game”. Here’s the premise:

In a world where Werewolves were long ago hunted nearly to extinction by humans and thought only to be urban legends, the few remaining packs live among us in secret. But, the beast can’t be caged forever. Once a year: runaways, homeless people, anyone who won’t be missed… are captured and brought to a secluded private destination to be hunted for game by the last living Werewolves on earth.

Visit the Bloody Disgusting article for some exclusive art from the comic. I’m on the fence about Pasquale Qualano‘s artwork (what’s that female werewolf doing next to that tree?) but Bloody Disgusting thinks it’s going to be the next “30 Days of Night” but with werewolves. We’ll see!