From the Makers of “3 Wolf Moon”: “3 Werewolf Moon” & 2 Other Werewolf T-Shirts

If you’re the sort of person who knows why a t-shirt with some airbrushed wolves on it is hilarious, get ready. Just get ready. The Mountain, creators of the 3 Wolf Moon shirt, have added werewolves to their repertoire of epically airbrushed body coverings. For some reason it’s really difficult to find these shirts on their web site, but if you have patience (and Flash) you can browse the catalog (page 174) and find three new entries in their “Skulbone” imprint: 3 Werewolf Moon, Transformation and Werewolf Moon (all pictured below). Only 3 Werewolf Moon is available online, courtesy of Amazon, but the other two are undoubtedly waiting for you at an authorized The Mountain retailer near you. I would wear the Transformation shirt, and I would only be a little ironic about it. I can admit this.

Thanks to Goldenwolf for letting me know about all three shirts and providing the image!