Our Dog Needs Help

We have a dog, Keesha, who has been my wife’s close companion for over 16 years. While I’ve been abroad, Keesha has developed significant breathing problems, and after a trip to the vet it was ascertained that she either has pneumonia or cancer. An expensive test is required to determine which it is, and by extension whether we can help her get better or simply help her be comfortable.

This has hit us both hard, but particularly my wife, who has never experienced the mixed blessings of a senior-aged pet. I won’t be home for another three days so if you have a few moments, it would mean a lot if you could visit the little site we’ve set up, to leave a kind comment. We’re accepting donations to help pay the $1,000 + bill, and any Werewolf News readers who chip in will get a stupid little thank-you doodle from me, plus an entry to win a copy of The Werewolf’s Guide To Life.

Thanks for your time, and we now return you to our regularly scheduled Werewolf News.