Universal Home Video Owns Your February

Universal Home Video would like you to set a little time aside this coming February (the 2nd, to be precise). You see, they’re releasing the complete “She-Wolf of London” (also known as “Love and Curses”) on DVD, and you’re going to need 943 minutes (that’s two straight days) to watch all 20 episodes. While I don’t think this series had a big cult following, this little DVD collection should go some way towards filling the gap left in many a werewolf fan’s heart following the cancellation of the Werewolf: The Series collection.

If you weren’t watching TV during the rad early 90’s, you probably don’t know what “She-Wolf of London” is about, or that “rad” was a perfectly acceptable term back then. I can help you with the former, but you’ll have to take my word on the latter. From TVShowsOnDVD.com:

Beautiful American grad student Randi Wallace (Kate Hodge, “Fringe”) never suspected that traveling to England to study with handsome mythology professor Ian Matheson (Neil Dickson, Beowulf) would change her life forever. While conducting research on the misty and mysterious English moors, Randi is attacked and bitten by a werewolf. Now cursed to transform into a bloodthirsty werewolf during every full moon, the two must find a way to save her.

Follow their adventures from London to L.A., as they search for a cure, battle supernatural forces and the romantic feelings they have for one another. In the tradition of Universal’s famed collection of monsters comes She-Wolf of London. Now the complete series featuring all 20 episodes is available for the first time on DVD.

The current release date is February 2nd 2010, and it’s available for pre-order on Amazon for $33.99.

And now, here’s Randi Wallace turning into a werewolf for the first time.