Massive Update to the Official “Wolfman” Site

The official web site for “The Wolfman” has just gone from placeholder mode to a full-on content explosion. The site’s framework is the usual major motion picture Flash-based extravaganza with requisite decorative “loading” animations and photo collages (yes I’m a web design snob), but to its credit it’s been jam-packed with new film stills, downloads (including this wallpaper, which I have duly applied) and an impressive feature on the “truth” behind lycanthropy. There’s also a link to Universal’s Monster Legacy site, which uses The Wolfman as the kickoff point for a cool-looking retrospective of Universal’s classic monster movies (and probably to generate some buzz for the next Universal monster remake).

Many of the sections on the Wolfman site are marked as “coming soon”, so keep an eye on it as the February release date gets closer!