New Werewolf Poll for August: The worst word to describe a werewolf transformation

I’m going to start running a monthly poll on Werewolf News. You might have noticed two previous polls over there in the top right corner of the home page, but they weren’t run for any particular length of time– starting today, there will be a new one every month. This month’s question: Which is the worst word to describe a werewolf’s transformation? This question was inspired by the sudden appearance of the word “phase” in a lot of recent Twilight-related news articles (I get those whether I want them or not, thanks to Google News). I’ve been a werewolf fan for a long time, and “phase” is hands-down the single dumbest word I’ve seen used to describe a werewolf’s metamorphosis. Let’s see how many of you agree with me! Cast your vote, and if you’d rather vote for a word not listed, just leave a comment on this post.

[poll id=”3″]