“We’rewolves” Documentary to Explore an Earth with Werewolves

We'rewolves - It's in the bloodThis Hallowe’en, Animal Planet US is airing a “documentary” called We’rewolves. Written by Japser James (the same guy who wrote Walking With Dinosaurs) and produced by the UK’s Wide Eyed Entertainment, We’rewolves will combine fantasy and fact to examine how werewolves might live today if they really existed.

International distribution rights have been secured by ITV Global Entertaiment, who issused a press release and the following synopsis of the documentary:

[We’werewolves] begins with the discovery of a mutilated body in the wilds of the Great Lakes.  The trail left by the attacker leads the investigating detective into a complex twilight world inhabited by a shocking sub-species of human.

Fearing a dangerous animal is at large; Detective Jack Breedlove calls in the help of expert zoologist, Ivy Carter.  Together they enter a maelstrom of fear and confusion when they discover their prey is neither animal nor human, but one of nature’s most terrifying mythological creatures; the Werewolf. The film cunningly combines real science, documentary and surveillance style cinematography and ingenious special effects, with a gripping, high-tension script that will hook audiences.

I really hope they pull this off– I’ve always been a fan of blending fictional creatures with real science and fact, and this sounds like it has real promise.