Ben Templesmith Talks About “Hoxford” Film Style and Dream Cast

MTV Splash Page has posted a short interview with Ben Templesmith, writer, artist and creator of “werewolf prison romance” comic Welcome to Hoxford. Templesmith talks about what a Hoxford film would look like if he was calling the shots.

“Well if it were me — and let’s be clear it’s definitely not up to me — you’d need someone who can really play with visuals and would be willing to use a lot less CGI and a lot more prosthetics/puppetry,” said Templesmith of the type of director he’d like to see on the film.

“I was heavily influenced on the creature side by the bad critters from ‘The Dark Crystal’” he continued. “But the book is pretty dark with a little nasty humour thrown in, so if they can keep that tone, I’d be happy.”

He also mentions the names of a few actors he’s imagined in various Hoxford roles, including Vin Diesel, Winona Ryder and Lance Henrikson. Werewolf prosthetics and puppetry instead of CGI? Lance Henrikson? Here’s hoping Chris Columbus is paying attention!