Rotkäppchen: The Blood Of Red Riding Hood

Writer/director Harry Sparks recently provided Fangoria with the lowdown on his new werewolf film Rotkäppchen: The Blood Of Red Riding Hood, including photos, posters and a teaser trailer. A synopsis:

Stefanie Geils stars as Rose, a German teenager who comes to America to live with her grandmother (Betty Biehler). Things don’t go so well when she begins attending the local high school, where she’s ridiculed by the other students; her only solace is an old book of fairy tales. She’s eventually befriended by sexy classmate Summer (Sativa Verte) and catches the eye of popular guy Nick (Phil Gibson)—thus earning the enmity of his girlfriend Bridgette (Nicole Leigh Vuono)—while something fierce and hairy starts bloodily killing the town’s residents.

I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade, but really, does anyone really think the “monster + softcore lesbian porn + gore + low budget” equation really leads to success? Anyone?