Win a Signed Copy of “Wolves of Odin”

To celebrate the release of Grant Gould’s Wolves of Odin graphic novella, Werewolf News is teaming up with Grant himself to give away two signed copies through an exclusive contest. If you want to win one of these signed Wolves of Odin books, you’ll need to get out your cameras and werewolf makeup. To enter the contest, simply submit a photo of yourself (or a patient friend) dressed up as a werewolf in winter. Visit the contest page for full details!

Wolves of Odin, by the way, officially hits the shelves this week (Wednesday the 26th). If you want a copy but don’t want to dig out the Halloween stuff you just packed away, you can ordered it from Amazon or your local comic retailer (Diamond Order Code SEP08 4260).

Visit for some costume inspiration and more information about Wolves of Odin.