“Sin The Wolf” by Shoksyu

Sin The Wolf By Shoksyu
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A month is a lot longer than a week, I know. That’s how long it’s been since the last Weekly Werewolf Art, and I hope you’ll accept my apology in the form of this latest entry, Sin The Wolf by Shoksyu. This smooth, powerful image was provided by Roukas, so I’ll let him provide the commentary, too:

I often find that a sane, cool-headed werewolf is more pleasing than the typical, snarling, feral type. This gentleman wolf is a perfect example, with his tailored, cool blue coat and his tactician’s scowl. Plus, his human-like hair (head-fur?) gives him an interesting, recently-changed feel.

If you’re a fan of Sin, be sure to check out Shoksyu’s FurAffinity page (danger, there’s some definite NSFW content there).