Did The Town Pants Run Over a Werewolf?

I’m from Vancouver, BC, so even the tiniest mention of werewolfy activity in my city gets a mention on this site. Local rockers The Town Pants have just returned home from a 4-month tour of the United States, and they had a story for local (awesome) paper The Georgia Straight about a werewolf encounter in New York:

In the moonlight whatever it was was bigger than a dog, or a coyote. It was a large, hairy all over and yellowish. It might have been a wolf but I’ve never seen one up close and they’re not that big. It was as long as as a tall person. I’m certain this was a werewolf. But I didn’t want to get too close.

Get the full story here. It involves science!

If there’s an award for “weirdest post title”, I think I just won it.