Ben Templesmith Welcomes You to Hoxford

Welcome To HoxfordAs August and the release of Ben Templesmith’s new comic series Welcome To Hoxford draws ever-closer, anticipation is starting to build. Comic Book Resources has posted an IDW press release about the werewolf-themed title. From that press release:

Raymond Delgado is the newest inmate at the Hoxford Correctional Facility and Mental Institution. He has no hope of release, parole, rehabilitation, or decent conversation. Ray hasn’t been taking his medication. No surprises there. On a good day, he’ll tell you he’s Zeus and only bite your arm off–literally. On a bad day, you won’t have time to scream to the prison guard for help.

Templesmith’s previous work has received many accolades. Here’s hoping Hoxford is equally excellent– werewolf media needs the help!