Interview with Richard Tyson, “Big Bad Wolf” Werewolf Actor

Ringside Report has a lengthy interview (2015-04-12: link appears to be broken) with actor Richard Tyson, who played the smart-ass lycanthrope in the 2006 werewolf-attacks-college-students-in-remote-cabin film Big Bad Wolf.

Tyson talks about the experience of playing a werewolf and how involved he got in bringing the character to life through a combination of terror and humor.

From the interview:

…[it] was as fun as hell playing a werewolf. I have to say that my wife asked me, “What are you doing in this movie?” I told her that, “I’m eating some college chicks.” And she goes, “Are you sure that we are making the right choices here?”

Tyson also talks about the prospect of a Big Bad Wolf sequel, and several other film projects. You can read the entire interview here.