Willow Creek – 30 Days of Night, But With Werewolves?

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but according to a review at Horror Year Book, Zenescope Enertainment’s new werewolf comic Willow Creek might borrow a little too heavily from 30 Days of Night. From HYB’s mini-review:

I’ll make it simple: Willow Creek is 30 Days of Night… only with werewolves. Right down to the artist choice, Josh Medors, sporting his best Ben Templesmith, and drawing a tale about a sheriff who’s come back to a town that’s inhabited by Bigfoot… but not really. It’s a werewolf.

Yet the similarities are more bemusing than outrageous– “it’s intriguing to say the least,” the reviewer notes.

Willow Creek - issue 1

Read the full review here (third one down) or visit Zenescope’s site for more details about Willow Creek.