Ben Templesmith to Create Comic Series About Werewolves and the Horror Fiction News Network are both reporting that Australian artist Ben Templesmith has signed an exclusive deal with IDW Publishing, and among his forthcoming projects is Welcome to Hoxford, a new comic book series about werewolves.

From Horror Fiction News Network:

Welcome to Hoxford is a horrific new series that features an unique and terrifying take on werewolves. In the debut issue, Raymond Delgado is the newest inmate at the Hoxford Correctional Facility and Mental Institution. He’s has no hope of release, parole, rehabilitation, or decent conversation. On a good day, he’ll tell you he’s Zeus and only bite your arm off—literally. On a bad day, you won’t have time to scream to the prison guard for help.

Templesmith is the creator of 30 Days of Night, another IDW title which was recently adapted into a successful film.