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Trade your current dystopia for one featuring werewolves with “Apex Predator” by S.M. Douglas

A. Quinton — Dec. 2nd 2016


Here’s some holiday reading direct from the “You Might Like…” category of things I haven’t checked yet but want to: horror author S.M. Douglas‘s new werewolf novel Apex Predator.

It combines classic occult story assets like “secrets from WWII-era Europe” and “mythical evil on the verge of remaking the world” with a fictional dystopian present day that seems increasingly non-fictional as 2016 staggers to its miserable conclusion. But I digress! A summary from Douglas herself:

In a world destabilized by soaring inequality, climate change, and war the deaths of several high profile bankers leave national security experts scrambling for answers. A disgruntled and discredited FBI Agent striving to bring to justice the corrupt individuals responsible for wrecking his community is instead ordered to protect these same Wall Street power brokers. In the postindustrial wasteland of a bankrupt Detroit he stumbles onto a lead capable of not just cracking the case, but with potentially explosive ramifications for the future of mankind. Meanwhile, a team of historians investigating a mysterious Second World War era mass grave make a startling discovery in a medieval village located deep within a foreboding Ukrainian valley. Brought together, they face an ancient terror in a global adventure that forces them to confront the tragic history of Eastern Europe’s blood lands. There they struggle to reconcile their findings with the evidence that a mythic evil is possibly real, and murderously intent on keeping its existence a secret until able to set in motion events that could change human history.

To be frank, this sounds like exactly the kind of thing I want to read right now, so I’m going to order a paperback copy from Amazon as soon as I’m done writing this post. Aspiring metal bands, please contact Douglas directly to negotiate the rights to name your group “Eastern Europe’s Blood Lands”.

“The Wereling” by David Robbins

A. Quinton — Oct. 28th 2014

The Wereling

David L. Robbins has published hundreds of books under his own name and half a dozen pen names. Among them is his 1983 novel The Wereling, which has just been re-published in an expanded form. You can get a paperback copy for $11 or on your Kindle for less than a buck on Amazon.

The original Horror classic is back. Ocean City has a lot going for it. Nice beaches. The boardwalk. Tourists. But now something new is prowling Ocean City. Something that feasts on those tourists. Something that howls at the moon, and bullets can’t stop. The Jersey Shore werewolf is loose.

Limited werewolf & fantasy creature art commissions from Viergacht

A. Quinton — Aug. 5th 2014

Viergacht - Werewolf Wednesday from a while back

Fantastic monster / fantasy / creature artist and longtime friend of the site Viergacht has opened up a few commission slots!

I typically paint things like people, animals and monstery critters. Check around the gallery. Digital works will get you a print-quality file in whatever file format you prefer (tif, psd, png, etc.). If you want something you don’t see here, like an animated gif, con badge, tattoo design, whatever, feel free to email [viergacht at gmail dot com] and ask.

I’ve been the lucky recipient of several werewolfy Viergacht paintings thanks to my writing, my birthday and my participation in dumb speculation about “Back To The Future“. If you’d like some eerily realistic, biologically plausible monster art, now’s your chance!

“Breeds” by Keith C Blackmore

A. Quinton — Mar. 3rd 2014

Breeds by Keith C Blackmore

It’s not every day I get asked to share a book with a forward that warns squeamish people not to buy it. “Breeds” by Canadian horror & fantasy author Keith C Blackmore is a “werewolf book. Not a romance. Not at all.” It’s $4.99 on Amazon, and it gets an automatic thumbs-up from me before reading more than the first two pages because Blackmore knows how to write a convincing Newfoundland accent.

In a near deserted coastal village, odd things are happening. Strangers are asking questions about the town’s recluse. A local hunter discovers naked footprints in the snow. The stray dog population has ceased to exist. And with winter’s most powerful weapon bearing down, things are about to become much, much worse.

The Wolf at His Door (The Runes Trilogy)

A. Quinton — Jan. 28th 2014

The Wolf At His Door

“Five innocent people have vanished, leaving investigators without a clue and families in turmoil. A brutal attack leaves one brother dead and his twin in a coma. The horror has only begun for Alec Rune as he learns that werewolves have a much darker plan for him.” The first book in a trilogy by Adrian Lilly, available on Amazon. Book two arrives next month.

“Clash Of The Damned” for Android & iOS

A. Quinton — Dec. 1st 2013

Clash of the Damned

A “free online RPG fighting saga about the never-ending battle between Vampires and Werewolves!” You know it’s serious because they capitalized “vampires” and “werewolves”. Available for iOS devices in the App Store, and for Android via Google Play. Check out its Facebook page for more info.

The Lycanthrope Learner

A. Quinton — Nov. 21st 2013

The Lycanthrope Learner

This book of cartoons by Doug Smith features “insight to some known and little-known facts about Lycanthropes”, and a drawing of a werewolf punching a man’s head CLEAN OFF. It costs less than three bucks, and if I had a Kindle, I’d be reading it right now.

“The Skin Trade” Signed, Limited Edition Illustrated Hardcover

A. Quinton — Nov. 5th 2013

The Skin Trade

These are the WSFA Press hardcover limited edition copies of George R.R. Martin’s werewolf novella I told you about last month, but they’re not pre-orders anymore. They’re signed by Martin and the artist Rick Berry, who did 10 original illustrations + the cover, and at only $35 each, if you want a copy you better hustle – there are only 500 in total!

“A Pack Of Wolves” Signed, Limited Edition Hardcover

A. Quinton — Jul. 18th 2013

A Pack Of Wolves Trilogy

From Grand Mal Press, “a small press publisher of genre fiction”: Three of Eric S. Brown‘s A Pack Of Wolves novellas collected in a signed hardcover. $49.99, limited to 100 copies.

For the first and only time, all the Pack of Wolves novellas, including the previously unpublished 3rd book, are collected into one hardcase edition signed by Eric S. Brown.

HOWLING: A Beast Conceived

A. Quinton — Jul. 12th 2013

HOWLING: A Beast Conceived

Howling is a whirlwind of loud, fast, and thrashing heavy fucking METAL, with an emphasis on extremely catchy headbanging riffs meant to summon forth the powers of darkness! Their debut album, A Beast Conceived, contains 10 songs of raging, blood-crazed horror Death/Thrash violence with ripping guitar solos and female death metal vocals that sound like a possessed she-wolf chewing her way out of hell!