Animated short “CARN” shows savagery’s bloody consequences

A. Quinton — Nov. 15th 2013

This prize-winning animated short film by Jeff Le Bars – submitted as his final project at Ecole d’art Emile Cohl – is a perfectly-executed morality tale, gorgeous to look at and exquisite in its brutality. I can’t really discuss it without spoiling the story, so please watch it and then let’s talk about it in the comments. Suffice it to say every frame is beautifully designed, the sound and music (by Sylvain Livenais) are perfect, and there are two smash cuts in it that are so fucking harrowing I’ve watched it a half-dozen times and still get goosebumps.

You can see more of Le Bars’ work on his web site. I’m cold, so cold.

  • I’m not *happy* with the ending, but I was very satisfied by it. You don’t go back on your word in a situation like that, especially not when a talking mama wolf and her cubs are involved! I like the ambiguity of the kid’s appearance at the end, too. And those smash cuts that still get me are at 3:33, as the “meal” ends, and at the very end, with the gunshot. The bit of red that appears behind the kid’s head *before* the sound of the gunshot reaches us is so morbidly perfect.

  • herrer

    Thats fucked up

  • Sam

    I liked it. The moral was strong, that you shouldn’t go back on your word. The story itself was very well written, with no excess. I especially like how 95% of the story is told without the use of words, the tragic protaginist never actually speaking, only the wolf. Actually, the fact that the wolf was the only one who spoke could be interperated as the wolf being the “human” character. I’m going to stop before I write an essay on this video. It was good.

  • Inkshooter

    Absolutely gorgeous. It feels like a story that was written a thousand years ago.

  • Hooded Justice

    Very striking. I’m glad you brought this to our attention.

  • Wicked King Lykoan

    It was tragically striking in its lesson…Beautifully animated…And a vivid reminder of the consequences of sticking to your word…I feel that it was quite fitting that the Wolf had more honor and compassion than the human characters…Who is the real beast?

  • Ash

    Really hit me hard. How the pups looked. So sad :(