Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Cabin in the Woods [partial spoiler]

A. Quinton — Apr. 20th 2012

The fact that I’m even posting about Cabin in the Woods is a spoiler in itself, but the fact that I’ve said “spoiler” three times already and you’re still reading means you’ve already seen it, you haven’t seen it and don’t care, or you have poor reading comprehension skills. In any event, Werewolf News reader Nyetwerke sent in a link to an Ain’t It Cool News interview with CITW director Drew Goddard, and there are some photos in there that I was excited to see. Because you and I are friends, I thought you might like to see them, too.

Like all the other creature effects in the film, the werewolf was created by AFX Studio. Apparently more photos of their work on the film are “coming soon”.

I would’ve been Finance’s “Ronald”.

  • Creaturedesigner_dave

    very very awresome :)

  • Very cool. And I would have definitely been with Finance as well.

  • Baeroth

    Because of this, I’m going to watch the movie.

  •  It’s totally worth it. Try your best not to learn anything else about it going in, though.

  • Viergacht

    Welp, got to see this now. That’s a nice, classic looking werewolf. Good anatomy on the teeth, they look like they could actually mesh.

  • I spoiled the movie for myself and was pleased to learn that the best monsters around had a cameo.  I don’t like horror that much (Big middle finger to you “purists” out there!) but I’m intrigued by the overall story of Cabin.  Knowing what I know, I’m still considering giving it a look.

    Also: Joss Whedon.  He’s not perfect but he has a damn good track record.

  • Caeric ArcLight

    Great film. Enjoyed the heck out of it.

  • I enjoyed the movie, very entertaining and the cameo of the werewolf. Movie was quite worth seeing

  • Doruk

    Enjoyable movie indeed.  I wish we got more of the werewolf, but I rather liked the little we got the see.