Another Werewolf Shirt to Crave: “The Curse of the Care Were” by Winter

A. Quinton — Jan. 21st 2011

This werewolf shirt by Sean Husbands (aka Winter)¬†is awesome in all the right ways, and it should be on your body. Especially if you were alive in the 1980s and are now vaugely terrified by old episodes of Care Bears.¬†Forget the “Care Bear Stare”… “Care Were Limb-Tear” is the new way. Buy it on Threadless for $20 US, or get an art print for $25.

Hat tip: Macabri

  • The smiley-faced moon really makes this. As soon as I can justify the expense I’ll be picking it up.

  • Chelsea

    If only it weren’t in pink. :|
    But it does look really awesome!

  • The dude has that “just shoot this damn humiliating photo and then dump me in the dumpster behind me” look.