The Wretched, Awful Trailer for MTV’s Wretched, Awful “Teen Wolf” Remake

A. Quinton — Nov. 16th 2010

Hopes: dashed. This looks like an after-school special with a big effects budget. The producers in charge of this should be fired, first from their jobs, then from a big cannon pointed into a volcano. Good job, MTV: obtain the rights to a quirky 80’s cult film, then replace all of the character, charm and originality with “drama” so lame and predictable it would’ve been cut from The Gates. Oh no, Scott’s got a date with a hot girl on the same night as the full moon! What’s gonna happen? Frankly, MTV, I don’t give a shit, and neither will anyone else.

Viacom is going around DMCAing this trailer wherever it pops up, so if this embedded version doesn’t work, sorry. Or… you’re welcome?

Special shout-out to the special effects crew who worked on this: thanks for the effort. Your work (what little I could see of it in this trailer) looks like the one redeeming feature of this abomination.

Hat tip: manny

  • Maewolf

    WHAT!? That has nothing to do with the van surfing 80’s family trait wolf we knew and loved! XD

  • It’s not my love of of the original that bugs me…it’s why use a name that means one thing and you’ll give them other…shit Buffy the V Slayer….

    Ok I’ll shut up and sit in the back.
    I get it.

    …But technically they retained humor in BVS. That at lest have me for the pilot

  • Blastr has a wildly (geddit?) different opinion:

    “Dark, gritty AND sexy? We know True Blood manages to pull off that trifecta week after week, but can those three words possibly describe a TV series based on that 1985 Michael J. Fox film Teen Wolf? Based on the promo trailer that was just released … yes.”

    Did we watch the same trailer here?

    The shower transformation was quite nice though, and of dubious merit is that it makes Twilight look good. I might watch it for trainwrecky value, but I’m sure as hell not paying anything for the privilege.

  • IA

    I thought the dating-the-werewolf-hunter’s-daughter bit looked promising. Beyond that, I’m withholding judgment until I actually see an episode. Plenty of good films and shows have had lousy trailers, and plenty of bad ones have had good ones.

  • michael

    Is anyone else as sick of hearing people say “Lycan” as I am? This stupid trend was started by the massively disappointing Underworld franchise because some moron thought it was so hip and cool and edgy to use a shortened version of the original term, and every time I hear it used in anything else, all I can think of is terrible writing pandering to the lowest common denominator.
    Besides that, saying “Lycan” instead of “Werewolf” in order to distance yourself from the nature of your genre, acting as if your work is somehow too good to simply say “werewolf” has become so commonplace among such awful drivel, that it’s making the term Lycanthropy sound as though it’s silly and made up.
    Anyway, this trailer looks about as bad as all the other werewolf/vampire crap that’s been on television this entire decade. Seriously, there isn’t a single example of good work among the lot of it; just a lot of awful romance/angst/soap opera melodrama. All of it. Even True Blood.
    Especially True Blood.
    Seriously, what do people see in “Twilight with Sex” starring the ugliest man to ever wear two-dollar fangs? Also, “Sookie,” really? And she’s a half-fairy?
    When did Hollywood execs start letting their fourteen-year-old nieces start writing shows?

  • Seeing this reminds me of how disappointed I was that Shout! Factory had to cancel its release of Werewolf: The Series pretty much at the last minute because of rights issues with a couple of the songs. Sadly, I’ll bet this series will sail straight into DVD.

  • sugarpoultry

    The trailer looks cheesy, and the all human with fangs and some features bugs me…. Oh well, I’ll probably see it eventually.

  • Silver

    Oh god I agree this is awful it’s like twilight werewolf style… a nut shell its cheap teenage crap which has nothing to do with the teen wolf movie. It’s more like a teenage version of kid’s werewolf series than ran on nickelodeon a few years back.

  • Mac

    It looks awful, but I know that I will be compelled to watch it anyway. The only real variable is how much alcohol I’ll have to consume to make the viewing experience tolerable.

  • Viergacht

    Apparently there are going to be different kinds of werewolf, ranging from the freshly waxed one in the trailer to something more wolfy – let’s just hope they don’t go the cop-out route and use someone’s mangy mutt with superimposed glowy eyes.

  • Rhodesy

    Meh. Not too promising, but not the train wreck I was expecting from the, er, review of the trailer. Let it be. So it’s not the heir apparent to Teen Wolf, we already got a lame remake of that in Teen Wolf Too. Might want to save up your venom for something more deserving of spite than a shrug.