Official Trailer makes “Red Riding Hood” look like “Twilight” because of course it does

A. Quinton — Nov. 17th 2010

The trailer for 2011’s Red Riding Hood was just released, and from the look of things, director Catherine Hardwicke is still in denial over not being asked back to direct more Twilight films. See for yourself:

A gaunt, poofy-haired male lead swanning about a forest full of sunbeams with his virginal, angelic female counterpart? Hmmm. Hmmmmm. As excited as I am to hear Gary Oldman say the word “werewolf”, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

  • Maewolf

    The male lead was actually katherines choice for edward until robert pattinson came along and kristen stewart wanted him as edward more than this guy lol

  • On the one hand, yeah, looks dismayingly Twilighty.

    On the other, I could listen to Gary Oldman talk about werewolves forever, and is that The Knife on the trailer soundtrack?

    Hollywood, I don’t mind that much that you’ve fucked up vampires. Just leave werewolves alone if you can’t make something good with ’em in.

  • Rogue Android

    Uggghhh, this is sure to cause epic bouts of vomiting in many people. Why is she so afraid to make a scary monster? Why does she have to weiner-fy everything she touches? It’s like she and Stephanie Meyer are in league in some insidious plot to make every baddie ever known in the history of man a sparkly pretty-boy who would rather make out with his dinner than eat it.


  • Byron

    This actually looks okay. While it does look very Twilighty, it might actually be more over the top which can sometimes make a movie better.

    I have yet to see the kind of werewolf movie really want but this might be a step closer to it. At least there won’t be any sparkling.

  • michael

    This has some really interesting visual elements that have me excited, but the terrible hair and the fact that this is from the director of Twilight immediately lower all expectations. Still, the visuals remind me that the idea of retelling Red Riding Hood with werewolves has been done spectacularly with The Company of Wolves, so there’s definitely an opportunity for a good film there. I’m just not sure anyone who’s ever been affiliated with Twilight is capable of doing anything good. At least no one said “Lycans.”

  • michael

    I think the parts of this trailer that didn’t focus on the two characters kissing or humping actually looked like they were from a potentially good film.

  • Doruk

    At least she seems to have more than one available facial expression :P

  • SilverBullet

    Almost 30 years, and there isn’t anything that can rival American Werewolf in London, and thanks to Twilight the possibility to even have a decent werewolf movie nowadays seems bleaker.

  • Mac

    Doruk’s comment FTW.

  • I’m with SilverBullet on that one. I think a big part of what made American Werewolf in London so great was its simplicity, a concept that no one in Hollywood seems to be familiar with anymore. Talk about understatement, I mean, some of that movie was even improv and you only see the wolf in its entirety but for a few frames. Also these days you can forget about stuff like character development, originality, or even a sense of humor. It’s all about sullen glances and sexual frustration to sell overpriced merchandise to the most profitable age bracket…BORING. I think the real problem is, as always, people are generally too chickenshit to try something new, and those that are brave enough can’t get the funding. We just need someone with the balls to do it anyway like John Landis.

  • I agree with you about An American Werewolf in London‘s supremacy. The remake of The Wolfman showed some promise — and the extended director’s cut is leagues better than the compromised version that was released in theaters — but even then a lot more could have been done with suggestion as opposed to going the far-too-easy CGI route. Also, Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weaving were the only actors who seemed to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Everyone else was so deathly serious. Really dragged the film down.

  • There’s a new trailer out for “Red Riding Hood.” The second version trailer has taken that “Twilight” sense out of it that we’ve noted in the first trailer. I’m not sure about this one yet.

    On Youtube: