I cannot endorse this well-drawn, reasonably-priced “Swedish Bikini Werewolf Destruction Unit” T-shirt on Threadless

A. Quinton — Sep. 21st 2010

This shocking (but well-rendered) display of species-ist violence (and gratuitous lesbian smoochin’) is available for purchase as a t-shirt or hoodie from Threadless. I am appalled that Threadless would permit such an image on their site, and will be registering my outrage by waiting at least a day before purchasing it. A day at least. The responsible parties are Dick Firestorm and Peter Kramar, both terrible men with no decorum and excellent senses of humour. In closing, all I’m gonna say is that I’ve been to Sweden, and I don’t think they’d treat werewolves like that.

Hat tip: ArcLight

  • Ryan

    Werewolfism. Pure and simple.

  • Bryan

    Dude, the werewolf’s tearing off his shirt. That’s no reason to blow him away, douse him in gasoline, stabbing him the abs, and then having an orgasm over his dead body. Hopefully those two feminists drive their T-Bird off a cliff next. GRRRR!!!

    Nice tribute to Ronnie James Dio in the first segment! lml

  • Viergacht

    Those girls better be careful, if that’s 245-Trioxin in that barrel they’re gonna have a zombie werewolf to deal with.