Yes, there’s a werewolf in “13 Hrs”, and here it is!

A. Quinton — Aug. 9th 2010

Fresh from Shock Till You Drop, here’s a first look at the werewolf from the upcoming horror movie “13 Hrs”. Yikes!

There are two more, both showing some of the body, so go check them out if you’re curious.

13 Hrs premieres Saturday, August 28th at the London FrightFest in Leicester Square, London. I can’t go, being on a totally different continent, but if you’re lucky enough to see it… I hate you. Tell me what it was like.

  • Ed

    It kinda looks like the werewolf from the Mcfarlane Monsters line.

  • Viergacht

    Well, I guess it’s good they’re trying to do something different, although I do wonder why it’s so popular to have movie werewolves afflicted by a bad case of mange nowadays. This makes the end result look more like a goblin or something than a man/wolf. This one here looks quite a bit like the human/rat/dog hybrid in “Bottomfeeder”, and the oddly low jaw joint gives it a garfish appearance. Maybe it will look better in motion?

  • J’ai bien hâte de découvrir ce film. Mais je dois admettre que le loup-garou à une drôle de gueule mais bon… faut pas se fier aux apparences.

  • Duane

    Okay… I just watched this movie.

    First off, I have to say that this is a decent effort for the genre (at least in the low-budget catergory). The performances are adequate and the story, although not as exciting and eerie as it could have been, is fairly well executed.


    Unfortunately the final act of this film lets it down pretty severely in my view. For a start the manner in which the director chooses to limit the action to indoor locations when the characters are surrounded by creepy looking forests and moors is a missed opportunity. Also, the promise of a cat and mouse hunt is brought to an abrupt halt with the rather summary and brief mauling of two authority figures whom make their way to the house following a distress call.

    Most damaging of all though are the creature effects. In this movie not only do werewolves have no hair (not even under their armpits as far as I could tell)… but those infected with the curse find themselves completely bald as a result too!!!

    Why on Earth this struck anybody as a good idea is totally lost on me. Perhaps they simply couldn’t afford to finish the creature costume so ran with the idea of … um… ‘baldness’ as a new hip form of lycanthopy. At least the director is consistent in that particular department of weirdness.

    Overall a missed opportunity. A fairly strong first act that loses momentum and… frankly… credibility by the time the credits role.