Underworld 4: has Kate Beckinsale, in 3D, out January 2012

A. Quinton — Aug. 18th 2010

Those are the facts, folks, as reported by Bloody Disgusting (and repeated by others): Sony Screen Gems has green-lit a fourth Underworld film, to be released January 20th, 2012. Word is that it will be shot in 3D, with Len Wiseman directing a script written by John Hlavin. And yes, fanboy-favourite Kate Beckinsale will be back as Selene, although it’s a “smaller role” in which she passes to one of her two(!) daughters the responsibility of wearing a lot of black latex and shooting werewolves. Hey, as long as we get to see more werewolves like this, bring it on!

  • Maewolf

    another one? lol i havent even seen the third

  • Scott

    Here’s hoping it will be better than the 3rd one. I know it was all about werewolves, but something about it disappointed me. They didn’t develop characters as they should have IMHO.

  • Viergacht

    So these daughters will be 3/4 vampire, 1/4 werewolf? Underworld series, you crazy.

  • Michael

    Two daughters. I bet one will be for the Werewolves and the other for Vampires. Why couldn’t Kate had at least one son?

  • Mac

    I’ll take the third movie over the second one any day. Then again, none of the movies have ever really impressed me. The first film is the only one I own, and even then it’s more of a guilty pleasure.

    However, I’d like to see the Underworld films at least attempt a female werewolf at some point.

  • Kalypso

    oh! I am so excited for this! and I agree with Mac, they need a bad ass female werewolf character!

  • Actually, I consider the third film to be the best of the series, despite the fact that it’s basically a feature-length expansion of one of the flashbacks from the first one. This is also in spite of the preponderance of pretentious dialogue and the monotonous blue light that every scene in bathed in, both of which are part and parcel of every Underworld movie. Some things you just can’t get away from.