Life-Size Lycan Display by Tom Spina

A. Quinton — Aug. 19th 2009

Tom Spina Underworld Lycan

Tom Spina spends a lot of time around werewolves. Last year he did some major restoration on “Oscar” from An American Werewolf in London, and now he’s just completed a custom mannequin to display an original Underworld: Rise of the Lycans werewolf costume (scroll down a bit for the link) for a private collector. Tom contacted me to let me know about this project, thinking that readers of Werewolf News might find it interesting, and he also kindly took the time to answer a few questions I had for him about the project.

Werewolf News: In what condition was the costume when you first received it from the client? Had it seen production use, and been banged up at all?

Tom Spina: The costume saw extensive use in the film (and we verified that with someone on-set who could ID this particular costume) and the condition was actually very good.

Beneath the fur, there’s a lot of skin exposed, and not a lot of places to hide seams. How many pieces did the costume break down to, and did you have to do anything out of the ordinary to create such a seamless result?

Some minor cracks and rubs but still supple and flexible.  It breaks down into 4 pieces: The bodysuit with attached arms, the stilt feet (seem hidden by fur) and the head.  Our responsibility was to find a means of displaying an otherwise awkward and difficult costume to display.  The nature of the costume required some careful planning when creating the support structure, as a “normal” mannequin would never be able to navigate its way inside the bodysuit.

What level of creative freedom did you have when it came to determining the pose and the details of the base? Were there any other aspects of the project that allowed you to add some creative, personal touches?

As always, we worked closely with the client to determine the pose.  That process is always a balance between the look desired and the needs of the wardrobe.  In this case, dealing with foam and such, you don’t want anything overly extreme, as you can cause unnatural wrinkles in the suit.  We settled on something with “quiet menace” rather than dynamic action.  There’s a bit of attitude in the torso and some more in the head positioning, with the legs and arms at interesting angles, but relatively neutral to keep the costume’s skin properly aligned and supported. The base was the client’s idea and something we actually consider temporary. Eventually, we’ll likely do a dark stone block look for the base.

Is it tough to say goodbye to a piece when it’s finished and the client ships it out?

YES, it’s always tough to say goodbye to these pieces!

As always, incredible work, Tom! Thanks for sharing your time and work with us werewolf fans.

  • Viergacht

    Nice! The werewolf design was easily the best part of those movies.

  • Roukas

    That pic is definitely shot at an intimidating angle, and I like how the wolf’s design is ripped but not jacked / roided. I guess it’s best to be that way if you’re from the lineage of an animal based on long-distance running and travel.

  • Wow, tiny torso. Huge legs.

    Still though, do want!

  • i idmire lycans with who i am and i oppricate that someone like u would go this far into making something this wonderful and awsome that’s why im giving my thanks to u tom because will be edmired by ever person that.

  • i need one now!!!

  • lycanthrope FANG

    i want this lycanthrope costume

  • Werewulf Blood

    Really, i wanted to see that movie sooo much, but couldn’t find time to go to the theater to see the Lycans in action! *sobs*
    Anyway, not bad onn design, the muzzle/snout could use work to make the lycan look like a TRUE werewolf, the rest looks okay, but maybe next time you could get a full shot, not from the waist up? i wanna see the full thing, from the tip of the ears down to the digigrade feet, but good angle though, very convincing.

  • carlos

    i would like to know the price of the suit as a halloween costume as seen in the movie in full motion im 5’10 200 lbs please contact me with an estimate please

  • Robert

    Beautiful work. My question is how much does that suit weight?

  • Austin

    can i buy that how much for that can somebody fit into that and move

  • This post is nearly two years old and that photo is still in my folder of randomized desktop backgrounds. So awesome.