What Big Ears You Have, Eddie Quist

A. Quinton — Apr. 26th 2010

If you’re a fan of “The Howling” and its starring werewolf Eddie Quist, check out this bust by Bill Weger of Time Slip Creations (original resin bust with sculpted hair) and Monte Ward (paint and hair) of Masks and Monsters. HorrorBid.com posted these photos and an account of how the bust came to be. I was never a fan of those rabbit ears, but this is pretty cool! Thanks for the link, ArcLight!

  • viergacht

    That looks pretty good, but they should add some fur to the face . . . right now he’s got a bit of a Fu Manchu stache going on there.

  • A Fu Manchu and kind of a ski-mask effect. But it’s probably pretty tough to lay fur on resin with any level of detail, especially in finicky areas like the face.

  • viergacht

    Yeah true, although I wonder if flocking it would be an option?

  • Vraiment superbe ce buste d’Eddie Quist en loup-garou, un véritable travail d’artiste.