Weekly Vampire Art, Part 1

A. Quinton — Apr. 1st 2010

This is really hard! Back when this site was about werewolves I’d just pick one picture to share, but now I have so many more options! Here are four excellent examples of vampire art that I’d like to share with you. Click to see a larger version of each.

Powerful stuff! Check back for more later.

  • Roukas

    Im glad that youve given me the opportunity to ‘come out’ so to speak. I mean I’m not gay or lesbian, far from it (asexual lol) but I need to mention that I’ve always felt different. It’s good to have a variety of pics don’t let anyone tell you different. Maybe what you could do is make the whole site like a gallery with pics in the sides of the website so we’d be scrolling through the gallery as we scrolled down through the site. Im trying to download photoshop right now so I can give you something, but its taking a while, in the meantime that first pic is who Ive been all my life. It really explains the paradox of dying to life and dying to live.

  • Roukas

    I think in general theat society is undergoing a transformation of its own its not like their becoming worse, but slowly and surely people are waking up and becoming more genuine. Just yesterday I was with my girlfriend at the food court, and it took me me like an hour to eat my pretzel because I was watching human nature so intently with her. It was like time slowed down, but really it was just my perception, like I was living forever outside from the spheres of everyone else who lives and loves too fast so the world goes by and they don’t see things, or rather see without perceiving.

  • Shadowfang

    Do you see what has happened?! By posting this, there are now ads for stupid vampire games on the right side! Bah! I need to shower.

  • Vraiment n’importe quoi! Je suis loup-garou dans mon coeur et la vue de ces créatures pitoyables me font gerber! Comment peux-tu aimer les lycans et ensuite aimer les vampires? C’est le monde à l’envers! Dommage, ce site était l’un des meilleurs.

  • Michel, this post was an April’s Fools joke. It’s not serious!