The Pig Did Not Wield The Sledgehammer Correctly, and Was Defeated

A. Quinton — Oct. 23rd 2009

A friend sent this to me, assuming that I would enjoy seeing a dapper stop-motion wolf dismantling a psychotic stop-motion pig. His assumption was correct; now I’m sharing it with you. If you like explicit stop-motion gore and mildly sexual situations, you will like this. If you do not like those things, please leave the Internet right away.

This is just the right thing for a Friday afternoon.

  • Awwwww… Poor Wolfie. He deserved that dim slut pussy for sure!

  • I hate it when the good guy loses! >=/

  • Darkhealm

    Well, actualy i think that no one there is really good, but who knows =P

    The girl have a better destiny on the history than being with the sadomasochistic pig