Nine Lame Werewolves

A. Quinton — Oct. 22nd 2009

Did your mom cut your hair? That's nice.

I’ll bet you can think of nine movie werewolves lamer than Taylor Lautner’s CGI husky in New Moon. So can Movieline! I don’t agree with all of their calls (I still really like the Underworld Lycans), but from Michael Landon to Van Helsing, there are definitely some stinky screen werewolves out there. Anyone care to share their own worst werewolf (that wasn’t on the list)? Personally, I just can’t get behind the slimy pink were-boar of the original Ginger Snaps.

  • Berserker

    Weird that the Harry Potter werewolf isn’t on the list, but Van Helsing and Underworld are. Most of the werewolf fans I know on the internet think the latter two are at least serviceable, if not decent to good.

    And for those that don’t know… there’s a new clip from “New Moon” out, and apparently they must have polished up the CG on the werewolves, because it definitely looks better. Still kinda weak, but better.

  • Jason

    If someone mentions Twilight with werewolves, I will cause chaos on a grand scale. Can we make this site a non-Twilight zone?! I’m serious.

    I actually liked the werewolf in HP .. but I never read the books, so I don’t know if it was right or not. I also liked the Underworld werewolves, though the movies are stinkos.

  • @Jason: Werewolf News is definitely a no-Twilight zone. The werewolf in HP wasn’t great but it was a creative design, so I don’t mind him. And again, I just can’t get enough of the Underworld werewolves. Monstery!

  • Viergacht

    How about the doggie in a full-body toupee in “The Beast Must Die”? The sparkly-poof doggies in “Blood and Chocolate”? The nude from the neck down / taxidermy head critters in “Dog Soldiers”? The were-teddybear in “Full Eclipse”? The orc on stilts from “The Howling 6”? The mange-ridden baboon-chihuahua hybrid from Harry Potter?

  • Werewolf

    Harry potter is some of the worst thing ever, I still refuse to call that “thing” a werewolf… looks more like a large mutant chiwawa.

    But I can’t understand what’s all the hate on Van Helsing one?… Design wise it’s probably my favorite movie werewolf (except it’s missing tail and ears being a bit large), it’s more wolf than most werewolves on film that try to be half horror movie monster with a hint of wolf for good measure and I guess that’s just my preference but it certainly doesn’t deserve to be that list in my opinion.

    Also New Moon isn’t werewolves, even though most people are referring to them as that and by a techincal term I suppose you could, but they are skinwalkers or more or less people that can change into wolves (very large wolves), but not the hybrid manwolf hybrid that is commonly known as a werewolf. I’ll go and see it just because I love just about anything with wolves in it and not just werewolves ^..^

  • Mac

    I loathe the Harry Potter werewolf and doubly so considering the description in the book. In the book the kids are all asked to write a paper on how to tell the difference between a werewolf and a regular wolf. There’s NO WAY the critter in the movie could be confused with a regular wolf. It looks like an ugly chihuahua on steroids and crack. (Though saying it looks like a chihuahua may already be indicative of ugliness.)

    I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to werewolf design so I could write up a whole damn list of my own on this subject.

  • Doruk

    I like the Underworld werewolves, especially on the third movie, actually. As for Harry Potter, I know I am in the minority, but I like it, more so since the time I tried to draw a werewolf with about equal amount of features from wolf and human and the result was… the Harry Potter werewolf :P They could have been twins. Furthermore, I believe the design in the movie is actually based on some artwork by Goya (I forgot the title, sadly), which is great.

    In Van Helsing, I think the first werewolf is pretty decent, the second one is odd, and the third one is waaaaaaaay too cartoony and fake. A botched attempt to make a ‘sexy’ werewolf, except perhaps not so botched judging from the reactions of some people to it I have read on the internet ;P

  • Courtney Moore

    An American Werewolf in London is pretty much the best werewolf I’ve seen ever. Unless anyone knows any better on screen werewolves?

  • I think the new Wolf Man is the best werewolf, how they took the original Wolf Man and made it way better that is awesome!!!

  • obeeah13

    You want to see some of the WORST?

    Try the ‘made for cable’ &/or ‘straight to video’ movies.
    (that mostly end up on the ‘syfy’ channel)

    Such as:

    “Warwolves” (prostetics courtesy of Party City)
    “Wolves of Wall St.”
    “Never Cry Werewolf”

    they just stopped trying