World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Worgen Confirmed As Playable Race for Alliance

A. Quinton — Aug. 21st 2009

World of Warcraft: Worgen

The official presence of the werewolf-like Worgen as playable characters in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has been confirmed by everyone and their mom, including Blizzard. Check out the official Cataclysm site for more details on the Worgen, including backstory, player models, screenshots and concept art. The official sites seem to be suffering periodic downtime as a result of all the interested visitors, so be gentle. Below are some locally-hosted (hi-res!) copies of the Worgen concept art, in case your refresh button isn’t working.

World of Warcraft - Worgen Concept Art 1

World of Warcraft - Worgen Concept Art 2

World of Warcraft - Worgen Concept Art 3

World of Warcraft - Worgen Concept Art 4

World of Warcraft - Worgen Concept Art 5

  • inversethunder

    Looks like I’ll have to be deleting all of my characters to remake them all now…

  • inu

    ive always thought of WoW as a geeky game that i will die before i play. mind you i play tons of other MMOs and even MMORPGs, but did not want to stoop to WoW and Warhammer and RS and all of those. but since this “worgen” is implemented…..i might have to rethink my decisions. lmao. bring the cliched insults and fling em at me, im playin as a worgen dammit!

  • No Inu, no insults here, I can really relate

    It is wierd though that they are alliance, and not horde, but I guess they just wanted to “even out” the level of monstrocity between alliance and horde.

  • It’s not like the Horde are just the “misfit toys” or something where they automatically get all the ugly races.

    As humans, the Worgen from that area were part of the Alliance, it’s been in the storyline forever. Only makes sense for them to return.

  • Evilyou

    Guys if worgen was put on horde and goblins on allience how much sence would that even make, none. Goblins have been pure horde since they relesed the game and as for worgens, Shadowfang keep explains that.

  • Dragoniakmp

    They look more like lions than wolves to me.

  • Ship

    Their artwork isn’t 100% done. Blizz said their gonna add some features in the character creation thing specifically under facial hairs so they can look as rugged as you wish.

  • kourel

    I notice they don’t have any art of female worgen. I kinda wanted to see what shape they were gonna make for them.

  • Stormsong

    Yeah, the release for the Worgen had to be forseen. Sure, we may not have believed or in some cases wanted it, but it was only a matter of time before we saw their storyline plop into our lives.

    The only question I have is how Cataclysm is going to affect the previous areas of Worgen. We’ve probably all done the Scythe of Elune quest at least once, if not more, and I’m sure everyone is wondering how it’ll be affected with the now playable race.

  • david

    i think it is the best idea 4 blizzard to make worgens love wow load’s horde don’t get upset cuzz we goe better lol ….. try worgens out my side is the best

  • joe

    hay i never had any mind to play wow…. but now i can be a werewolf… you bet i am going to start playing….. like the guy up top said im a worgens …

  • Olathan

    worgen are on alliance because they still think like humans….. and in a way still are human

  • For the Horde

    Ok….call me stupid but are there even female worgens?? I have searched but cant find one clip/photo of a female. I can wait to see what they look like but id like to know if there are even females included. btw, Im Horde all the way….but will be alliance from now on in a seperate realm. Go Worgen!

  • mut102

    heck yeaaaaaaah whooop whooop lycan all the way i am now a alliance…. whoooooop whoooooop

  • Cayllea

    From someone, can’t remember who, I was sent a photo (conceptual art) of what Blizzard was thinking of making the female worgen as. It looked more like a deer in the headlights with gigantic boobs. >.< I wish they would post what female worgens looked like, even in the video they made with new things to come, I saw only male worgens, yet there were a few female goblins. I hope they make a female worgen. I'm starting to wonder if they're going to say "Well, only male humans were compatible"..

  • tommypickle

    there are alot of femail worgens out there if you just google image surch them.

  • Chandranath

    i am truly an alliance and i cant weait for the worgen but of late i ahve been dragged into the horde by my hrode controlled famiyli mnea come on its the orcs/hrode fault for this entire war i keep telling everyone,the alliance are jsut victims and are fightign back to live but now im gonna go bakc to being my alliance self and pay the worgen cause i lvo ewovles and werewolves they are the best so worgen all the way YAY!!!!! bout time the allliance get some kick but race that will dominate the horde

  • Geez. People even get worked up about the things other people get irritated about.

  • Braxxis

    I’ve never been one for the Alliance, I have ALWAYS played Horde, through and through. I stopped playing WoW over a year ago at that. When this comes out, me thinks I will be returning, and as alliance! lol.

  • Ravenwolf

    I am beta testing the wow Cataclysm right now and can tell you that this expansion rockd hard… but at this time the female worgen is not finished. it looks more like a seal faced male but you can not tell what the human form looks like untill you log in. but none the less this expansion rocks…

  • Wolfgirl

    I am so excited for the worgen, but i have been kinda confused. ive heard that they can change into humans, is this true? Even if they cant the worgens are still awesome and i cant wait to play them! <3

  • mansauce

    for thouse of you who think they should go ali, i agree, ali needs more monsters, but is it logical? HELL NO!!! they undead wernt accepted because they were monsters and were against the alliance before they got freedom, same story with the worgen
    but i still cant wait to play 1, im tho exthited

  • awesomeshockz

    All of you that were horde players and are now going to switch over just because a panzy wolf has been added you guys are not true horde players and you should have switched over years ago if thats your atttitude twords horde HORDE FOR LIFE!!!!!

  • Dog

    This has nothing to do with balance. Alliance are the majority customer, so they get the cool race. The horde gets…..whatever, and they better like it.

    This is rather uncool actually, from a perspective of fairness. The horde really needed a strong addition to attract more players on their side and even out ratios, rather then further screw them up.

    Oh well. I’ve played the underdog for 5 years. It’s time to get my meal on a platter.

  • Bluewolf

    I never thought i would play world of warcraft but now im DEFINATLY going to!!!