Shakira’s “She-Wolf” Name-Drops Lycanthropy, Still Sounds Terrible

A. Quinton — Jul. 13th 2009

Shakira has a new single called “She-Wolf”. Ugh. Just ugh.

  • Roukas

    This sounds like music from a bad Sonic the Hedgehog stage. Also, as a youtube reviewer noted, Shakira’s howl sounds like it’s coming from a cute little rabbit rather than a shewolf. Imo, she should have taken the Playboy bunny / fake ears and tail route than the shewolf one, especially if that’s her howl.

    It’s usually funny to note how public opinion regards anything lupine or lycanthropic. Being a wolf apparently makes you X-TREME so that you either want crazy amounts of sex (not necessarily wrong in itself, hur hur hur) or want to snowboard after a stray can of Mountain Dew while Linkin Park is playing. After all, that’s how wolves live their lives, right?

  • I’m confused by your response.

    In the first paragraph you’re criticizing Shakira for her weak howl. In the second you seem to be criticizing the “extreme-wolf” archetype depicted by the media.

    If think Shakira is consciously bucking the trend and showing another dimension of wolf/werewolf culture with her euro-disco howl.

    There are all kinds of werewolves.

    What do you think?

  • Thompson, I think the issue is one of sincerity. Do you really think that Shakira spends any time thinking about “wolf / werewolf culture”? I’ve read that she came up with the concept for this song (and presumably the album) because she was crabby and she stood in a dark corner of her studio for 10 minutes.

    I don’t imagine she cares about bucking trends– she probably cares about riding whatever trend will help her sell records. In this case, as Roukas points out, the trend is the general public’s current view of werewolves as avatars of primal, sexualized danger. Taken by itself, and executed as superficially as Shakira has done here (come on, read the lyrics– that’s 8th grade poetry at best), that “dimension” of the werewolf is as deep as a paper plate, and has all the cultural longevity and resonance of a Maxim magazine cover.

    Yes, there are all kinds of werewolves. Not all of them are created equal, nor does each one make a positive contribution to werewolf culture.

    Edit: I posted this in the spirit of healthy, friendly debate, not Internet Snark. Your comment and opinion are appreciated, Thompson.

  • Have you heard of the artist Patrick Wolf? He has an album, Lycanthropy, which you might be into. It is A LOT different than anything Shakira’s ever made.

    I’ve enjoyed this debate.

  • Al

    She’s suddenly a lot hotter.

    The songs crap but the video is hot.

  • BUHHH!

    Sorry, but I don’t think there’s a single red blooded straight male who doesn’t find the video for she wolf fucking hot! Add on the lyrical theme of the song and there’s no way I can’t help but want to ruin Shakira right here right now. YEAH!!! AAAWOOOOOO!!!!

  • ANA

    The worst album of the decade.

    Shakira, you were better, much better… now you are Beyonce and Gaga.