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Sweet shades, powerful metal music & werewolf slaying in “The Order 1986” video

As part of the promotional effort for the upcoming Playstation 4 game The Order: 1886, Corridor Digital was commissioned to create “Werewolf Slayer”, an amazing 1986 metal music video / short film on the power of miscommunication. (more…)

Marika Hackman turns into a werewolf & attacks her band

In the video for her song “Animal Fear”, English musician Marika Hackman turns into a wolfman (wolf-woman, don’t be normative!) style werewolf and attacks her band. Or does she? (more…)

Standard Thompson music video “Fireworks”: female werewolves want more than a daisy on the first date

[insert lame joke about “dinner and a date” here]

Lovely cinematography and good solid rock music by a group of guys who all look like they call their mothers at least once a week. I wish they would have shown more than a glimpse of the werewolf costume, though. It looked pretty good, at least from the shoulders up.

Hat tip: lessthanhuman

Trippy, Mesmerizing Music Video for Rainbow Arabia’s “OMAR K”

Here’s the official video for “OMAR K” by Rainbow Arabia. A mother and daughter turn into werewolves in a supermarket and wreak havoc. There are tomahawks. Wine is consumed. The werewolves just look like two people with slapdash John Lennon costumes. The music is a weird mix of tribal dance and yelping vocals. It’s the strangest thing I’ve seen all year, and I couldn’t look away.

Can someone interpret this for me? I liked it, but I don’t know why.

Shakira’s “She-Wolf” Name-Drops Lycanthropy, Still Sounds Terrible

Shakira has a new single called “She-Wolf”. Ugh. Just ugh.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Video “Heads Will Roll” – Sweet Werewolf Dance Moves + Creative Gore

Courtesy of NME, here’s the video for the latest Yeah Yeah Yeahs single, “Heads Will Roll”. I’m a YYY fan so I would have liked this video even if it didn’t feature a bad-ass horror-style werewolf with Michael Jackson moves, and the way the (prodigious  amounts of) gore is handled during the video’s second half is dazzling and inspired. Nice intestines, guy!

Heads Will Roll is the second track on the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record, It’s Blitz.

Man Man – “Rabbit Habits” Music Video

The official music video for Man Man’s song “Rabbit Habits” (from the album of the same name) is a story of loneliness, lycanthropy and love.

Werewolf transformations, circus freaks, rabbit ice cream cones and severed limbs. Aaaaah, love.

New EELS album “Hombre Lobo” is one for the werewolves

Rock band EELS is set to release their new album Hombre Lobo on June 2nd (preorder at Amazon.com), and the werewolf theme extends much deeper than the album title (which means “werewolf” in Spanish– but you knew that, right?). (more…)