He’s Small, He’s Pink, He’s Groomed, But He’s 100% Wolf

A. Quinton — Jul. 22nd 2009

100% Wolf Children’s author Jayne Lyons recently contacted me to tell me about her book, 100% Wolf.

Freddy Lupin is no ordinary boy. He is from a noble family of werewolves. But his first Transwolfation is a disaster when instead of turning into a noble and fearsome wolf, he turns into a totally tiny, utterly ridiculous and perfectly pathetic poodle. Terrifying Uncle Hotspur throws him out of the wolfpack in disgrace. At least he’s met Batty the mongrel, the most faithful friend a poodle could find. And he needs friends, as the evil wolf-hunter Dr. Foxwell Cripp has just shown up in town.

Can Freddy prove that though he’s a pink poodle, he’s still 100% wolf and save the werewolf pack from disaster?

Jayne has made the first chapter available for free as an MP3. I listened and enjoyed myself immensely, both as a fan of werewolves and children’s books (hey, they’re fun). Jayne has also gone to great lengths to provide kid-friendly werewolf information on her site, which is wonderful to see.

100% Wolf comes out in August, and is available for pre-order on Amazon. Thanks for sharing, Jayne!

  • Roukwolf

    Ah ha, I was recently browsing Amazon in search of some possible candidates for a “5 Coolest Kids’ Werewolf Book Covers Ever” feature, and “100% Wolf” was one of them. I’m definitely a sucker for children’s animal books (especially lupine ones, of course). Other good ones were “Big Bad Wolves at School” and “Wolf! Wolf!”

    I’ll definitely keep my eyes open at the B&N when the release date comes around.

  • Your visitors may iike also to check out the sequel – published in Australia – 100% Hero.

    Here is the review. The link is on my website. Thanks again for the support

    00% Hero is a fantastic novel written by the great Jayne Lyons. Freddy Lupin is back in his ‘up-himself’ mood with his best friend Batty the dog who he met on the streets. Once again Freddy has disobeyed the elder’s rules which have caused great danger into the Fangen (werefolk) family. Two new distant family members have joined the family from Boldovia: Chester and his daughter the perfect Priscilla which Freddy has grown an attraction to. Although these two family members seem to like and respect the dangerous, heroic Lupin family, they have many things planned for both Freddy and his father Flasheart which are not altogether good.
    Freddy has new exciting experiences at Madam Tarot’s Ballet School for Elegant Young Ladies at a summer camp where the perfect Priscilla and her father tricked him so that Chester can get his hands on the treasure of the Werefolk in Farfang castle. Can Freddy keep his name as the Second Greatest Hero Ever, or will he be out-smarted by the Weren (non-werefolk)?
    Jayne Lyons has done it again! She has created another hilarious comedy book for kids. I absolutely loved this book, and luckily for me I got to review the previous book. I kept thinking while I was reading both 100% Wolf and 100% Hero that they would be a great family/comedy movie, but that is probably because of the thoroughness of the author’s writing as it made the descriptions of the characters, emotions and settings absolutely perfect.
    I recommend the book to all readers looking for a humorous comedy to read, but I do think that this is obviously directed to a younger teenage audience. I really do hope that there are more books in the series, but if not, I hope I can expect more from Jayne because I will definitely be the first person to read her next novel.
    Even though that Freddy keeps making a fool of himself, even when he thinks he is helping, he is always 100% hero.
    Matthew, age 12, Canberra, Australia