Harry Palms

A. Quinton — Jul. 17th 2009

ArmchairAccomplice sent me a link to “Harry Palms”, an episode of The Receptionist by Travis Betz. The link was accompanied by a note that read “low tech werewolf musical hits youtube, the less I say the better.” I watched. I bit my fist. I went to Travis’s web site and confirmed my suspicions: Travis Betz is a demented genius. And now, I share the video with you.

  • Roukwolf

    This type of genius is twisted in all the right ways. The clever, fast-paced dialogue reminds me of the musical portions of Pinky and the Brain!

    I was laughing all the way through while trying to keep quiet, although the close-ups of the singing cut-out woman really made me laugh-snort through my nose. Well done indeed.