The Phantom Limb – Albert Fish and Werewolf Marionettes

A. Quinton — Mar. 20th 2009

Haverty Marionettes is “Atlanta’s first and only theater company dedicated solely to the creation of puppetry for adult audiences”, and their current show, The Phantom Limb, is garnering positive attention. What’s it about, and how is it related to werewolves? From the Haverty site:

[The Phantom Limb is] an account of events in the life of Mr. Albert Fish, the ‘Brooklyn Werewolf’. Life-size and miniature wooden marionettes, live actors, 2D cut-outs and silhouette film combine to create a surreal dream world weaving fairy tales and historical fact into an unconventional exploration of morality, fantasy, and the capacity in nature for evil.

Grim stuff, but by the looks of things, it’s presented in a fascinating way. According to the review on Creative Loafing, the show includes “short puppet-based vignettes that riff on ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Peter and the Wolf’… [and] The wolf puppet features an intriguingly half-human design.” Here’s a closer look at the wolf and Red Riding Hood puppets (photos by Stephanie Richardson):



The Phantom Limb is playing at 7 Stages in Atlanta, March 13 through April 5. I’ll post more ticket and showtime info shortly!

  • Roukas

    Ahh, this holds possibilities. It reminds me of Tim Hope’s Wolfman short movie (look that up on youtube, people, if you haven’t seen it). If something like this was written and performed well, I’d be entranced. The heavy earthiness of old-school fairy tales / myths have been watered down and sugar-coated all too often, and a show like this could be refreshing and pleasantly terrifying. Rarr indeed.