“Werewolf in London” by gothic180

A. Quinton — Feb. 27th 2009

Werewolf in London by gothic180
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According to gothic180, this puzzled rendition of David (yes, the American Werewolf in London has a name) was inspired by Last Exit  to Nowhere’s Slaughtered Lamb t-shirt. This is a shirt that I like (I’ve even mentioned it before). and while David seems confused about wearing it, you have to admit that he wears it well.

  • Roukas

    Ha ha, it’s good to see werewolf-David with a chilled out demeanor! He seems to be saying “Whrrrr?”

    I especially like his mask-like, lighter face fur and the way his darker fur wraps around that. Solid Asp (another artist whose work you’ve posted) has a werewolf character that he draws in a similar manner, and it definitely has an aesthetic appeal.

  • Morgen

    Yeah dude i think it kicks ass! Its kool how he looks all innocent but could snap and go all bad ass on someone. That Just rulez… =)

  • shade

    lol for some reason i chuckled nd said “oh that looks cute” lol