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“Werewolf in London” by gothic180

Werewolf in London by gothic180
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According to gothic180, this puzzled rendition of David (yes, the American Werewolf in London has a name) was inspired by Last Exit¬† to Nowhere’s Slaughtered Lamb t-shirt. This is a shirt that I like (I’ve even mentioned it before). and while David seems confused about wearing it, you have to admit that he wears it well.

“The Slaughtered Lamb” T-Shirt

Last Exit to Nowhere is a UK-based t-shirt company that specializes in designs “which are inspired and pay homage to some of the most memorable places, corporations and companies in 20th century fiction.” They’ve got some pretty incredible shirt designs, including one that fans of An American Werewolf in London will recognize:

The holiday shipping deadline for North America has already passed, but if you’re in the UK (or anywhere else and don’t mind waiting), you can snag one of these shirts for ¬£17.50. Alternatively, if you’ve got a great idea for a shirt Last Exit to Nowhere ought to create, let MovieMaker Magazine know and you could win a shirt for free.