“Into Werewolf Returns” by AbyssWolf

A. Quinton — Feb. 20th 2009

"Into Werewolf Returns" by AbyssWolf

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Being a web developer by trade, I normally hate animated GIF images with a fiery passion, but what AbyssWolf has accomplished in 252 small frames is nothing less than magnificent. It’s hard to imagine all the energy and detail of a werewolf transformation being captured in a pixel-based animation, but here it’s expressed with drama and motion to spare.

AbyssWolf hails from Madrid, Spain, and a browse around his DeviantArt gallery reveals an artist with an eye for detail and a truly impressive command of pixels. Be sure to check out the minotaur, the dragon and an earlier version of the werewolf transformation above. Many thanks to Tandemonium for spotting this one!

  • Man…that’s sweet.

  • Roukas

    I’m surprised at how well done this is. I like how his shifts in anatomy are never abrupt. I mean, he’s turning from man to wolf in just a few seconds, so yeah, that’s pretty abrupt in nature. But if you watch him closely, you’ll see how his change makes sense in its own chilling way. His skull flattens into a muzzle realistically (how it would happen if it could), and his overall trembling shows the body going through the tremendous pressure necessary make something like this possible.

    Sublime and terrifying. Aroowwwww!

  • Kris

    Terrifying…or just plain hot.