Twilight – Breaking Dawn

A. Quinton — Aug. 6th 2008

Breaking DawnOkay. I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but there’s just way too much fuss to ignore. Author Stephenie Meyer is writing a group of books referred to as the Twilight Saga, which follows the story of teenager Isabella Swan and her interactions with various vampires and werewolves, all of whom live in a small town in Washington state. There are four books in the series so far: Twilight (after which the series is named), New Moon, Eclipse and the recently-released Breaking Dawn. There has been a great deal of excitement surrounding the release of Breaking Dawn, on par with the debut of the Harry Potter novels.

I’ve never read them, but they’re apparently a really, really big deal. I’m something of a skeptic when it comes to teen romance/horror novels, especially those with dreamy vampires and conflicted werewolves, but with Breaking Dawn getting reviewed by every other blog, magazine and news web site out there, and a Twilight feature film in the works, I get the feeling it would be unwise to ignore the series because of a few old prejudices.

  • Jess

    I too have not actually read the series, as I usually get disgusted and repelled by things that are surrounded with a lot of hype. I did not read Potter for the same reason. However, I have the unfortunate occurence that all the people I associate with are completely head over heals in love with the series. I was talking to my friend, Allison about it last night and I had no idea there were werewolves in it. She corrected me and said that the beings in the series are not actually werewolves, they’re just shapeshifters that turn into big giant wolves, but they don’t follow the lunar cycle and that’s apparently what they chose to become and blah blah blah. So I kind of lost interest there. The author accepts and puts somewhere in the series that werewolves DO exist, but I have no idea how they are actually referenced, and probably never will as I think the whole series looks awful and from what I’ve seen in trailers, the acting in the movie looks just as bad if not worse than the whole series appears to me.

    I don’t know if this is beneficial in any way…but I just decided to add my two cents.

  • Andrew

    Ah. So Twilight’s werewolves aren’t actually werewolves, they’re mystical shapeshifters. Thanks for the heads-up, Jess– your two cents have saved me from wasting my time reading these books.

  • Jess

    ANYtime…I try to be a helpful voice of reason. As I recall, I never read the Potter books…I just watched Azkaban when it came on Fox Family Channel A.) Because it had Gary Oldman in it whom is my favorite actor of all time…B.) It had a werewolf I was told. That’s about as far as I ever got with that series….I didn’t want to get anywhere in Twilight.

  • Spilly

    The twilight books are not bad – i firmly applaud the auther for breaking away from the notion that werewolves are glued to one form – the now stereotypical werewolf.
    The actual plot of the books is a bit disappointing, and the twists are too.
    I mean, theres a big bad clan of Vampires (the Volturi. Vampire royalty) hounding at Bella for having a half vampire child, and just itching for a fight, and they both get armies of Vampires, the Volturi are just itching for a fight, when the end up having a BANTERING MATCH, of all things.

    The werewolves in twilight are shape shifters, but isn’t every werewolf?
    The text book (wiki) defintion of shapeshiters/ing is ‘a metamorphosis (change in the physical form or shape) of a person or animal.’
    Don’t werewolves fit that description perfectly?

    Anyway, there’s a website I found most informative on the subj3ect of werewolves, and i whole heartedly agree with the guys sypnosis as werewolves as a whole, and whats on that website had helped my with the numerous plot’s I’ve been trying to get going for my stories.
    At any rate, it’s interesting.