Werewolf Month at MonsterLibrarian.com

Jul. 3, 2008

July is Werewolf Month at MonsterLibrarian.com. Werewolf Month– I like the sound of that! Featured so far this month:

Werewolf Month at MonsterLibrarian.com

Monster Librarian is a privately run web site dedicated to

  1. Supporting Public, Academic, and School Librarians in developing their library horror fiction collection and assist in readers advisory.
  2. Helping current readers of horror fiction find another good book to read
  3. Encouraging fans of horror to expand their interests beyond movies and television, and introduce excellent horror fiction.
  4. Helping teachers and librarians use horror to reach reluctant readers.
  5. Helping promote small and independent press horror genre publishers in libraries.

Those are some excellent values, so if you’re into monsters, horror and literature, check it out!

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