Sad Werewolves on the Wii

A. Quinton — Apr. 16th 2008

Nibris, a game studio based in Cracow, Poland, is getting ready to release a game titled Sadness for the Nintendo Wii. Set in Europe during the 1910s and presented entirely in atmospheric black and white, Sadness is a psychological horror game for adults. According to concept art and comments made by the game developers, many of the creatures in the game are inspired by Slavic mythology. And what does that mean? Why, that means werewolves, of course!

Sadness Werewolf Concept Art

According to Gaming Today, the werewolves in Sadness “will not have a whole lot in common with the more traditional aspect of werewolves. In the game, the werewolf is born human and when mature they will change during the full moon and will not regenerate after death.”

Not much else is known about Sadness at the moment. Game news sites like GameSpot and IGN are maintaining game overview pages that have been largely stagnant since 2006, but yesterday’s announcement by Emergent Game Technologies (who are providing the development platform for Sadness) has stirred up interest and some new information.

Players will need to confront their greatest fears and protect themselves in hopes of not getting trapped inside the main character’s nightmare. The game has eight different extreme endings each with their own premise, which are assigned to a player based on specific factors during the game. To compliment the intense gameplay, the Wii-mote and Wii Nunchuk control the main character’s hands so players feel as though they are in the psychological thriller.

Watch the game’s official site,, for further press releases about what sounds like a groundbreaking game.

  • ellen

    can I please use a picture on this site on my site?

  • Andrew

    I’ve had a few questions about that, Ellen, so I’d like to let everyone know: it’s not my picture, so I don’t have the authority to give permission for its use. It’s concept art for the game Sadness, and it was probably drawn by someone at Nibris. I’m using it here to show that there are werewolves in the game– if you want to use it for similar reasons, it’s probably okay, but for anything else, you need to ask Nibris, not me.

  • David

    Hey, I was wondering if you guys think werewolves exist and if they do, what are there traits? Cause, I have done a little research and I have some of the same traits. . . please let me know.

  • zuko

    i love werewolf have you seen magical pokaan liru the werewolf she is so cute

  • Madelyn

    I was wondering, do they have the exact date of the release of the game Sadness? If so what is the game rating for it?

  • Werewolf Girl

    I Love werewolfs,they’re so wicked awesome!

  • matt

    im a werewolf at a haunted house in indiana i train other people in werewolf movements and sounds u should visit us in mishawaka indiana the park is called legend park we are in the bloody bayou check us out its located on mckinley avenue so drop on by so i can take a bite out of you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Werewolf (Lycans) are worderful creatures they dont get a lot of credit like the vampire just because they look like a dog so they put them beath them but i like vampires and werewolfs just the same amout of love for the botht of them

  • hpx

    I think there is sevral diffrent typs of werewolves it just depends on the curse that turned or passed on to other werewolves. one i think is that they can only come out at a fullmoon (wich i think u knew that) and one is that u can change in to the wolve forme any time at night. so it just depends on the curse that was put on u

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